Tool for formatting external memory media
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Gnome-format is a tool to easily format (erase and initialize) external memory media like usb sticks or sd/mmc flash cards for your pc. it is designed for linux based operating systems, like ubuntu, and for the gnome desktop.

- easy to use.
- autodetects available media through hal.
- supports external harddrives, usb sticks, sd/mmc cards and other external
- supports fat16/32 filesystem for compatibility with other operating
systems and ext2 for linux-only users.
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jackdown 8 years ago

great tool, refreshing pendrives on fly, including link to gparted, works great. If u can still see old files on your pendrive, just remount it right after format

axldavis2012 8 years ago

it does great with those pesky flash drives that companies give you free that have their files like a real flash drive and the fake flash drive its awesome cause most format s dont fix this problem but gnome-format does

Lokus 9 years ago

Linux needs better formating applications

dajunka 10 years ago

I could not get this working from software manager. i had to use packet manager. There is something wrong with it. I formated a pendrive then later found files still on my pendrive.

Theologian 10 years ago

It seems to be nothing more than an icon on the Mint Menu, because nothing launches.

dark1221 10 years ago

pues solo lo descargue porque no encontre la opcion format

nanuk 10 years ago

Fast and easy to use! I love it.

shwany 10 years ago

didnt even start!

ddalley 11 years ago

Select the USB stick or card, pick the file system and click format. Easy