Map application for GNOME
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Maps is a map application for GNOME that allows you to view maps in different zoom levels, search for places, etc.
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humanpride 1 month ago

I don't usually give 5 star ratings, I'm a moaner. But this, I like. I love simplicity. It works, it's fast. No I don't want "point saving" or any login for sharing capabilities. Use google maps for that

Moyej 2 months ago

In every attempt to launch & find location.. It's getting crashed.

harrygrey 3 months ago

Wenn's sich dann öffnet eine Klasse Sache, aber es öffnet sich meistens nur über die Anwendungsverwaltung. Da muß noch nachgebessert werden.Mitlerweile schmiert das Programm bei der Suche ab. Die Karten sind mangelhaft:Kleine Dörfer sind eingezeichnet, aber für große Städte muß man unheimlich zoomen und verliert den Überblick.Eine unnütze App. Deinstalliert.

which 4 months ago

Nice to have, but I miss some necessary features esp. for contributing to OSM. You cannot edit POIs. Login to OSM is also a bit to complicated.

Chas 5 months ago

Easy to install and use. I like it. Satillete view as good as "Google Map"

Susan707 7 months ago

Just downloaded this and I like it's simplicity, just great for finding a place, taking a screenshot and sharing to friends for directions.

Poetician 8 months ago

Great app. Thanks.

rawaniajay 10 months ago

Awesome !

tuxonapogostick 1 year ago

just installed, great first impression.

webwrx 1 year ago

Open Street Maps was a project which I put hundreds of hours into. It's great to see everybody's contributions get brought to life in this fantastic mapping application.

Adaptiveprism 1 year ago

Beautiful map application.

famoyib 1 year ago

Great app, Thanks!

rumseed 2 years ago

Браво ,много добра програма.

deegeepee 2 years ago

Great mapping tool, but only the openmaps data is up to date. The satellite overlay is ridiculously out of date, making it almost completely worthless to have. faster and more convenient to use Google maps IMHO.

samuel350z 2 years ago

Super rápida, con todos los nombres de calles y estaciones de metro en CDMX, es excelente

lm-user-de 2 years ago

super App! super Project! dito osm!

nr1cha 3 years ago

so far so good, i think the only thing that doesn't seem to work in it is that the location settings within the application doesn't seem to work well.

LinuxMinz 3 years ago

Works (v 3.18.3-0)

InternetHero 4 years ago

Confirm the previous commenter, the app doesn't start

Hammer459 4 years ago

Apart from the fact that it does not even start it is probably ok :-(