map application for GNOME
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Maps is a map application for GNOME that allows you to view maps in different zoom levels, search for places, etc.
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mike521 3 months ago

I'm using 20.3 mint, have install the gnome-maps, it says, there's no minu item to open it. This was a one off, I've had no problems with it with several install since..

bandungdriver 1 year ago

This is the best software for maps in linux

feralhound 1 year ago

For user Mike521, it's probably just called "Maps" in your menu. At least in Mint 21 that's where it is. (You could also pin it to your panel or something like that if you like.) It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of some other map programs, but it's really fast, and seems up-to-date. For quick mapping purposes, it's nice to have an app like this that's native on Linux.

UmpquaRiver 1 year ago

It's simple, elegant, and intuitive! Great take on OpenStreetMap!

epsilotronic 2 years ago

I have liked the application a lot, although it has some things that do not work for me. The version that has been installed is 3.38 directly from the repository. Visually it is very good and it is also very fast looking. In my case, nothing is loaded in the layers section, and neither are the public transport lines when I select a route. I imagine that depending on the country, public transport lines may not be available, since that depends on the service of third parties.

megaten 2 years ago

Scrolling is too fast. Can't log in to OSM with it either - get permission denied and no verification code

rolf99 2 years ago

On my mint (20.2) the application runs only when being signed in as administrator. That is a pity because the administration account should not be used for day2day purpose. Besides of that the map is ok.

Janni 2 years ago

Love it and it's super fast!

Ekkon 2 years ago

Would not open in Linux Mint; Cinnamon 64-Bit. Admin (orcus) suggested to run: # sudo kill -9 10378. The issue was sucessfully resolved. Fantastic peace of software. And fast as nothing like it.

name 3 years ago

Schade ich dachte eine schöne kleine Anwendung ohne Browser, das ist vielleicht auch so? ABER ANWENDUNGEN bzw. INTERNETSEITEN DIE EIN KONTO, EINE E-MAIL ADRESSE und ein PASSWORT ERFORDERN GIBT ES SCHON GENUG. Vielen Dank für die Mühe aber da benutze ich lieber doch andere Karten. ;-( Too bad I thought a nice little application without a browser, that's maybe the same? BUT APPLICATIONS or INTERNET SITES THAT A CONTO, An E-MAIL ADRESSE AND a PASSWORD ARE UP TO THE TIME. Thank you for the effort but I prefer to use other cards. ;-(

GNULinux 3 years ago

simple elegant and works just fine ;)

dwmexe 3 years ago

Simple, works well but doesn't show buildings in certain areas.

allanmcpherson 3 years ago

I like the simplicity, and I imagine it works great for some locations, but I tried searching for addresses I know in my area, and it couldn't find any of them. I'll be checking back because I'd love to be able to move away from propietary maps applications, but for the time being this is unusable where I live.

ok_what 3 years ago

nice, simple and does what it's supposed to. The scrolling (zooming) is too fast for my liking but that's not a big issue.

humanpride 4 years ago

I don't usually give 5 star ratings, I'm a moaner. But this, I like. I love simplicity. It works, it's fast. No I don't want "point saving" or any login for sharing capabilities. Use google maps for that

Moyej 4 years ago

In every attempt to launch & find location.. It's getting crashed.

harrygrey 4 years ago

Wenn's sich dann öffnet eine Klasse Sache, aber es öffnet sich meistens nur über die Anwendungsverwaltung. Da muß noch nachgebessert werden.Mitlerweile schmiert das Programm bei der Suche ab. Die Karten sind mangelhaft:Kleine Dörfer sind eingezeichnet, aber für große Städte muß man unheimlich zoomen und verliert den Überblick.Eine unnütze App. Deinstalliert.

which 4 years ago

Nice to have, but I miss some necessary features esp. for contributing to OSM. You cannot edit POIs. Login to OSM is also a bit to complicated.

Chas 4 years ago

Easy to install and use. I like it. Satillete view as good as "Google Map"

Susan707 4 years ago

Just downloaded this and I like it's simplicity, just great for finding a place, taking a screenshot and sharing to friends for directions.