A simple media player for gnome
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This media player supports the vlc, xine and gstreamer engines for playing media. since some file formats play well only on a certain engine, this media player was made with 3 engines, so that the user can select the required engine required for playing a particular file type. it also has an engine auto select mode, in which the player automatically selects the best engine for the particular type of file being played.

gnome media player:
* has a gnome/gtk interface
* does double-click fullscreen
* can use the mouse scroll wheel
* uses libvlc, xine-lib or libgstreamer
* a playlist that loops
* middle mouse button pause
* can deinterlace (not available on the libgstreamer engine)
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Jimbo_Baxton 9 years ago

Schnell und schlank .... beste Wahl

jahid_0903014 10 years ago

where totem fails, there it can be tried