Service to manage online accounts for the GNOME desktop
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This package contains the GNOME Online Accounts service, which provides a centralized place for managing online accounts (Google, etc) for the GNOME desktop.
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lericony 4 months ago

An sich eine tolle Sache, aber ich werde ständig ausgeloggt und kann mich nicht mehr anmelden. Wenn das Problem behoben wird, gibts 5 Sterne.

aaads 1 year ago

Do not delete it,if u do it you will get this error after trying to login "unable to launch cinnamon-session-cinnamon X session -- "cinnamon-session-cinnamon" not found"

Knezev87 2 years ago

Works fine with the google driver

yasoomn 2 years ago

I'm on MINT 19 MATE and installed the pack, but I can't open the app. It doesn't show on the control center...

kokbira 3 years ago

-2 points because Kerberos config is broken

FoxiMaxi 3 years ago

Hi! I am using Mint 19 / XFCE. I was able to install gnome-online-accounts but I can't find a way to launch it. There is not even a button in Software Manager for launch. Why is that? What should I do to use the app?