Simple, easy to use paint program for GNOME
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Gnome-paint is a program inspired by MS Paint and designed for GNOME (and maybe other) desktop environment. It could be used to manipulate images in a very simple way. With a very friendly user interface, gnome-paint is easy to get started for new users.
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osama_salah 3 years ago

It lacks some MS paint features but it is still helpful for very basic tasks. Also, some features have been planned for completion for a long time.

zazzy20 3 years ago

Utterly useless too!

septi 5 years ago

Amazing, thanks a lot..

linuxmintadminka 5 years ago

Чтобы нарисовать точку при выборе кисти или карандоша 1 клика мышки недостаточно, ее еще нужно пошевелить О_о... По-моему мнению, Pinta лучше подойдет для тех, кто хочет иметь в запасе простенький хорошо реализованный редактор с более широким функционалом, которого не хватает, например, в ms paint.

DocZen 7 years ago

Certaines fonctions ne sont pas encore implémentées...

Boringbytes 9 years ago

not great. simple but lacking some very basic and necessary features.

tomasfox 9 years ago

Similar to MS Paint, but lacks features like free selection, zoom and text insertion.