Application to access, organize and share your photos with GNOME
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GNOME Photos is designed to fulfill your needs to:
- View local and online/cloud collections
- View photos on attached devices
- View photos on DLNA media servers
- See new photos shared by friends
- View full screen slideshows
- Share photos
- Upload photos
- Set as background
- Select favorites
- Very basic manipulation: Crop, Enhance, Combine into an Album
Latest reviews
vkot 11 months ago

I cannot use it, on Linux Mint 20 Cinnamon. It doesn't find any photos and I cannot click on the list of devices/drives.

RedbeardinTC 2 years ago

It said it found photos. It would not let me click the import buttons. So it basically does nothing for me. Uninstalled.

amicalmant 3 years ago

Does not work for me on LM19 although I installed it from LM Software Manager. Result: "Failed to load SPARQL backend: GDBus error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: the name org.freedesktop.Tracker1 was not provided by any .service file".

Vasilis_K 3 years ago

No settings, too simple. Didn't even find the way to scan my hard drive for photos...