Power management tool for the GNOME desktop
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GNOME Power Manager is a session daemon for the GNOME desktop that takes care of system or desktop events related to power, and triggers actions accordingly. Its philosophy is to completely hide these complex tasks and only show some settings important to the user.

GNOME power manager displays and manages battery status, power plug events, display brightness, CPU, graphics card and hard disk drive power saving, and can trigger suspend-to-RAM, hibernate or shutdown events, all integrated to other components of the GNOME desktop.
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iosonoscrive 6 years ago

ok grazie

Musickiller 7 years ago

Подробно описывает состояние батареи. Полезная штука.

iputued 10 years ago

Not works correctly in my HP laptop, no brighness, no graphics card

grim 10 years ago

It has all the options I'd ask for, so, its ok IMO :D

Laufjuli 11 years ago

In Einstellung wird Reiter: In Batterie Mode nicht angezeigt