GNOME Shell time-management app
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This GNOME Shell app helps you to manage time according to the pomodoro technique.

* puts a countdown timer in the GNOME Shell top panel;
* nags you with reminders about taking a break;
* uses full screen notifications that can be easily dismissed;
* hides other notifications until the start of the break;
* sets your IM (Empathy) status to "busy".
The pomodoro technique is a time and focus management method which improves productivity and quality of work. The name comes from a kitchen timer, which can be used to keep track of time. In short, you are supposed to focus on work for around 25 minutes and then have a well deserved break in which you should relax. Then when this cycle repeats for the fourth time you should take a longer break (have a walk or something).
Latest reviews
cedko 1 year ago

works good, itdoes what it should do... :) LM 19.2

altandeniz 1 year ago

Works good on 19.1 Linux Mint Mate Tessa. I recommend it. Good application.

tometchy 1 year ago

Really great app! I use it on my Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon and it has no disadvantages. Previously I used Tomighty on Windows and I thought that on Linux there won't bu such nice and simple solution, but this pomodoro app is much better. It has more options (but still is intuitive), tray icon looks (and animtates) better and generally speaking, it looks better and more professional :)

mckr 2 years ago

Nice application. I recommend it. You will see how it will increase your efficiency