Put tiles on a board and match their edges together
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GNOME Tetravex is a simple puzzle game which scope is to move the various pieces from one side of the board to the other side, so that the same numbers depicted on the pieces are touching each other.
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thistof 2 years ago

Awesome game, I wish it had better snapping, because when I place a piece sometimes it flies back to the board on the right even if it's the correct piece, making it tedious to play with a mouse.

tak2100 5 years ago

Great puzzle and logic game!

3gghead 6 years ago

Easy to learn and play. On any new install or upgrade I use it to tweak the mouse settings. Scoreboard filled with 10-20s times means mouse-response and accuracy are optimal.

aro83 6 years ago

świetna układanka trochę podobna do sudoku