tool to adjust advanced configuration settings for GNOME
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GNOME Tweak Tool allows the adjustment of several advanced GNOME options that can't be configured in gnome-control-center. This includes things like:
* fonts used in user interface elements and titlebar
* font hinting and aliasing
* alternative user interface themes
* changes in window management behaviour
* behaviour on laptop lid close
* file manager desktop icons
* icons in menus and buttons
Latest reviews
alexbr9007 9 months ago

This package didn't work for me in Linux Mint Tara 19. Some support should be provided.

TheRaazX 1 year ago

it didn't work for me

timtim 2 years ago

DOESNT WORK FOR ME IN linux mint 18 cinamon serena

JCH2 2 years ago

as stated elsewhere, not much more than you adjust through Cinnamon; might be slightly more convenient for some.

toteo 3 years ago

Does not work for me (17.2), not much more options then in Cinnamon settings anyway.

wv0lf 3 years ago

Works... 17.2

stevendobay 4 years ago

Best tweak tool, if you've gnome-shell(note for the others below).

WhitePhoenix 4 years ago

I installed it and couldn’t find it in the menu or control center. Not useful if you cannot access it.

brandoneffecttech 7 years ago

Great tool, saves time and agravation when installing / setting gnome shell/themes