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personal and small-business financial-accounting software
49 reviews

Gnucash provides accounting functions suitable for use by small businesses and individuals. It can track finances in multiple accounts, keeping running and reconciled balances. There is support for customer, vendor and employee processing. It has an X based graphical user interface, double entry, a hierarchy of accounts, expense accounts (categories), and can import Quicken QIF files and OFX files.

User reviews:

7 months ago
5 Brilliant! The only thing missing is the ability to encrypt and password protect accounts from within the program like commercial accounts packages

9 months ago
5 Have done full accounting for Small to medium companies with Sage and Quickbooks - but for personal and Small biz operations this is excellent

1 year ago
5 Very powerful small business accounting package, using gnucash for my business, I found this is a very customizable accounting package if you have a basic understanding of accounting and booking keeping

1 year ago
5 Works well. I had to install via synaptic the libdb-sqlite3 to open my sqlite gnucash files (so that I can open it on android phone with "Domburi Cash"). Now I am using it in Windows, Linux and Android :)

1 year ago
4 Love it

1 year ago
5 Love it! Have been using it for 2 Years. I was so glad to dump quickbooks!

3 years ago
5 Best financial software ever, I used for 7 years for my personal counts and it is fast same the first date

3 years ago
4 I have tried to keep my finances organised using spreadsheets in the past, and this is 1000x better. I love that it's double-entry accounting -- I think it provides really robust records. I love that you can transfer between accounts, and split a transaction up into several components.

3 years ago
4 Like it

3 years ago
5 I have used GnuCash since my first business in 2001. Simple to use and powerful enough to keep my accounant quiet :-)

3 years ago
5 Gnucash is my accounting package of choice. Even after our business got Reckon Accounting for Windows...I went right back to Gnucash and in Linux! It has all the features I need and not a bunch of junk that I don't.

4 years ago
5 An apology At least 2.6.1 installs not 1.2.6 . Updates are not so bad . Apologies

4 years ago
3 Only version 2.4 is available at the software manager. When will 2.6 be available? Thanks.

5 years ago
3 Used Gnucash for 5 years due to must have feature. BUT... your Software Manager is LAME... with version I had to go to to get the current 2.6.3

5 years ago
4 Nice!

5 years ago
1 No multiple currency support.

5 years ago
5 For anyone stuck on Windows with unsupported Quicken, as I was until quite recently, GnuCash is the answer to your problems. I began with the Windows version, migrating my Quicken data with a little tweaking, and now am free to move to Linux full-time. Thanks for a great piece of software. It's free, but anyone who finds it valuable really ought to donate at least once.

5 years ago
5 The best personal money management software for linux. I have been using it for more than 10 years!

5 years ago
4 it's a good software

6 years ago
5 Been using it 5 years or longer. Track stock, options in this fine financial diary.

6 years ago
5 So few open source accounts packages - but this one is a great example.

6 years ago
4 So i know where my money goes..

6 years ago
5 Best accounting software I've used yet! Just give it a go and you will see why.

6 years ago
5 My favorite personalfinacial software. Better than Quicken. Takes a bit to get used to but give it a chance, it really grows on you.

6 years ago
5 Powerful finance manager, but very heavy...

6 years ago
4 Been using GNUcash for several years, seemed a bit complex at first but soon found my away around - though I still struggle entering split transactions. The 'double entry' stuff sounds daunting, but in practical terms for simple home banking is much like using the categories as per Quicken etc. One small tip : It's not obvious how to close a tab. Go to Edit, Preferences, Windows, and set the option 'Show close button on notebook tabs'. Why that isn't on by default beats me!

6 years ago
4 Has basic features I've wished other programs had, and very intuitive. I love the future balance display, since I plot my balance months in advance. I've used it for 6 mos now, but put off using it for several years because of the initial intimidating setup. But after I pressed through and deleted all the extra unneeded accounts it was great. I don't need the business and tax related accounts, since I use it primarily for a personal checking account, a couple of savings accounts, and a couple of other bills. To make it better one could add an ultra simple single account setup option and an instant single-click line graph of the account balance like wx-banker has.

6 years ago
4 It is quiet good, but the support in german language is poor

6 years ago
4 If it were more intuitive and user friendly I'd give it 5 stars. But as a FREE alternative to the pricey Windows apps, it's unbeatable. I just can't get accurate stock quotes. But that''s a minor annoyance to me..

7 years ago
4 The definitive accounting software

7 years ago
3 Programma non proprio facilissimo nell'utilizzo delle funzioni. Io non sono mai stato capace di creare nuovi report. Molta documentazioine in inglese, ma nessuna guida ai report

7 years ago
4 plain,simple,works..accounting is nevel easy

7 years ago
5 I've used this for several years now. I've saved a lot of money from the discipline of tracking my expenses, and this software makes it a pleasure to do so.

7 years ago
5 I'm using it for for than 10 years. It's really good software!

7 years ago
5 simply, fast and perfect :)

7 years ago
4 Finally dumped Quicken in Windows for this. Imported old files easily. Mostly better but I will miss some items in Quicken.

7 years ago
4 travaille très bien

7 years ago
5 Incredible software. I've used it for over 5 years with no issues at all. Stable, reliable, free.

8 years ago
3 Good software. BIG learning curve. If you're going to install GNUcash, make sure you take the time to read through the documentation and learn the ins and outs.

8 years ago
3 Very Good software.

8 years ago
5 running my company for 2 years on gnucash. Love it

8 years ago
5 Perfect tool for personal finance

8 years ago
5 Sencillamente una herramienta indispensable para el que desea llevar sus finanzas organizadas.

8 years ago
5 Excellent!

8 years ago
4 Very good - got me off a 2001 version of Quicken

8 years ago
5 Best for Linux

8 years ago
4 Got me off MS Money.

8 years ago
5 I love it!

8 years ago
4 Very good and easy to use home finance tool.