GTK+ text editor for ebook PDF files
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Gpdftext opens a simple text-based PDF file, typically intended for reading on an ebook reader and loads the text into a text editor window, autoformatting the text for long lines and paragraph breaks.

gpdftext is useful when the downloaded PDF uses a small font or wastes a lot of space in the margins so that a plain text file would display in a more comfortable font.

gpdftext supports spell checking and editor font selection and can save ASCII content as PDF.
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serikz 9 years ago

Не возможно сохранить... Все идет сплошным текстом без абзацев и пробелов. Бесполезная прог-а

y4kydyk 10 years ago

Нужно было заполнить таблицу присланную в PDF. Для этой задачи он не подходит. Всю таблицу объединил в один сплошной текст, удалив первоначальное форматирование.

shusse 11 years ago

A little too basic. Titles and headings lose formatting and get smashed together into a wall of plain text, making it less than readable.

kip- 11 years ago

great tool to extract text from pdf docs - im using for my kindle to get pictures away from books also it make them smaller as txt files so more books in kindle ;)