Configuration tool for pointing devices
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Gui tool for setting pointing devices. currently it can configure mouse type device (mouse, trackpoint etc.) and touchpads.

for mouse you can configure middle button emulation, wheel emulation and scrolling.

it can enable and disable touchpad, or scrolling on it as well as additional parameters like palm detection, locked drags, tapping and scrolling.

it is a successor of gsynaptics.
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ggedamed 6 years ago

I doesn't seem to do anything on 17.3 Cinnamon 64-bit, regardless of the settings. I was hoping to be able to adjust the mouse wheel sensitivity. Oh well...

DaveC49 7 years ago

Works OK in Rebecca 17.1 64 bit

MagBross 7 years ago

qiana cinnamon 64 bit'te çalışmıyor

mr_mal 7 years ago

This doesnt seem to load on my system, Segmentation fault error. I'm running Qiana MATE x64.

mburtonUK 7 years ago

It lacks a setting for touchpad sensitivity - with that it would be great.

liber8ted 7 years ago

Mint 17 Control Center icon does nothing. Logitech wireless touchpad works fine in Mint 17. I was just hoping to gain some additional control or functions.

brettd43 8 years ago

Segmentation fault on Mint 16. Seems like what I need, but won't run.

wrong 8 years ago

All I wanted was to speed up the scroll speed of my logitech mouse wheel, which this has. I have Mint 16 32 bit and Cinnamon 2.0.14 and it seems to work fine. Accessed the program through Preferences - Pointing Devices.

mintlinuxer 8 years ago

It doesn't have a sensitivity adjustment for the IBM TrackPoint

Benares 8 years ago

"Tapping" and "Scrolling" tabs are frozen (Olivia)

ericvictor66 8 years ago

works perfectly with Olivia

kevinravello 9 years ago

no sale

sdibaja 9 years ago

I get no menu in Mint13 Mate. there are no errors on install, but it just does not work without command line

reazon 10 years ago

single-finger scrolling sucks.double finger scrolling works but u have to reenable it every session.

scott65 10 years ago

Shuts off the laptop touchpad, but you have to re-check the box each time you log in-- doesn't remember the settings between login sessions even though the box is checked. Pain, but at least it works.

dendox 10 years ago

Couldn't get it to launch at all. Linux Mint 11

japike 10 years ago

Works great for scroll wheel emulation on a logitech trackball

braxmint 11 years ago

Works great! For those with problems: you need to find the executable and launch it manually. To get the location, from terminal: "which gpointing-device-settings" and then navigate to the dir for your file.

miana 11 years ago

it doesn't show up after installation and my NEC laptop's touchpad is still not working. I don't know what else to do.

fido1357 11 years ago

Perfect for activation control point scroll button on older thinkpads