GTK+ based tool to make annotations on screen with multiple pointers
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Gromit-MPX enables you to make annotations on your screen using multiple pointing devices at once.

This is especially useful when making presentations, to highlight things or point out things of interest.

Gromit-MPX is XInput-Aware, so if you have a graphic tablet you can draw lines with different strength, color, erase things, etc.
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mjoens41 1 year ago

doesn't work in linux mint mate 18, you need to install the 'net.christianbeier.gromit-mpx' version, which currently has no reviews for some reason. But it works well

yo_ritter 2 years ago

Thanks for this great tool ! Linux Mint 20.

rokk1412 4 years ago

is working on Linux Mint 19 :)

BullButChEr 4 years ago

Not working at all !!! Linux Mint 18.3