Drop-down terminal for GNOME Desktop Environment
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Guake is a drop-down terminal for GNOME Desktop Environment, so you just need to press a key to invoke him, and press again to hide. Guake supports hotkeys, tabs, background transparent, etc.
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KIMW 10 months ago

Unfortunately it does not work fully within Mint 20.2. For example, the Search (Ctrl+Shift+F) function does not work at all. I uninstalled it and instead I'm using Yakuake, which is a fork of Guake.

lwilliams4 1 year ago

Love this app, makes command line life easier.

didar 1 year ago

After installing a linux, my first task is installing quake!

michalq 2 years ago

Very useful application, but on LinuxMint 20 (cinnamon) creates zombie (??!!)

super_raptor911 2 years ago

Its easy to tweak and its robust

kaiqueandrade 2 years ago

This is an amazing software, there are TONS of themes for you to choose, in my case DRACULA as it blends with my VIM/FIREFOX/VSCODE ... theme (all dracula) Its easy to setup, and having a multiple desktop terminal is quite handy, should be pre-installed with linux mint, runs brilliantly

JimiStark 2 years ago

Why isn't this pre-installed? I understand that a lot of "home" users wouldn't be interested but when it is needed... A quick F12 opens and closes the terminal. Genius!

Drazil100 3 years ago

Having a single terminal across workspaces I can summon and dispel at the push of a single key is really nice!

razorborn 4 years ago

I can't believe I did not know this app!

undecided 4 years ago

Guake is brilliant. Always look for this kind of terminal wherever I go (e.g. iTerm2 / TotalTerminal on Mac). Unfortunately, this package is a bit behind the times, and tab closing is broken. Hopefully someone somewhere will update it...

novell 4 years ago

В чем смысл данного терминала? Ну да быстровызываемый, но по сути это тот же терминал.

matafleur 4 years ago

Great terminal emulator

astral0pitek 4 years ago

Очень удобное приложение, когда надо быстро заглянуть в консоль

mikrma78 5 years ago


mazebane 6 years ago

One of the first utils i install on a new build. Love the transparency when reading what repository to use form the webpage underneath it. Can have multiple terminals by clicking on icon in bottom right corner.

CPAllianceP 6 years ago

Yakuake's better.

NaruTrey 6 years ago

Это действительно удобно!

nguyenminhnhan91 7 years ago

It's awesome because at this moment there's no app that has function like this. I hope that the developer will make guake more flexible by allowing it to be located anywhere as expected.

benjy 7 years ago

Ok but missing featues such as multiple sessions which YAKUAKE offers

aplatypus 7 years ago

Not configurable; also wastes MOST of my screen. I can put a hot-key on most things; so no special value to me.