Lightweight music player
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Guayadeque is a lightweight and easy-to-use music player that supports smart playlists and huge music collections.

main features include:
- play mp3, ogg, flac, wma, mpc, mp4, ape, etc.
- read and write tags in all supported formats.
- allow to catalogue your music using labels. any track, artist or album
can have as many labels you want.
- smart play mode that add tracks that fit your music taste using the
tracks currently in play list.
- ability to download covers manually or automatically
- suggest music using service.
- allow fast access to any music file by genre, artist, album, etc
- play shoutcast radios.
- allow to subscribe to podcasts and download all new episodes
automatically or manually.
- dynamic or static play lists.
- tracks tag editor with automatically fetching of tags information for
easily completion.
- lyrics downloads from different lyrics providers.
- easily expandable contextual links support. with it you can find
information about a track, an artist or an album on your favourite site.
- easily expandable contextual commands support. for example you can right
click on any album and click in option to record the album in a burning
- option to copy the selection you want to a directory or device using a
configurable pattern.
- audioscrobbling support.
- partial gnome session support to detect when gnome session is about to
close and save the play list so it can continue next time with the same
- allow to resume play status and position when closed and reopened.
- you can rate the tracks from 0 to 5 stars.
- mpris d-bus interface support so it can easily controlled from music
applets for example and many more.
Latest reviews
gpmnsp 7 years ago

Great music player! I love the opportunity to have multiple libraries. This helped me to organize my files which are spread over several int and ext drives. Should be in the official repos (only v0.3.x available) instead of installing per ppa. The ppa version is 0.4.5 now!

garryaedwards 7 years ago

Handled my 21,000 song library easily, others struggled. Nice interface and smart playlists.

have 8 years ago

Really the best music player for Linux I have used.

gruslo 8 years ago

I use it only for shoutcast radio player and does perfectly its job: you can select from hundreds internet radios and listen to the music you like, while working on the computer. Perfect!

yashletn 8 years ago

Vraiment pas ergonomique

MusicMaster 8 years ago

Really glad i tried this player. I think it's awesome and i'm gonna stick with this one.

theoswald 8 years ago

Sin duda el mejor reproductor, ligero, organizado, fácil de usar... y con las mejores listas automáticas. Es una pena que no se siga desarrollando.

brab777 8 years ago

The best music player I have found!

fotonix 8 years ago

Well organized interface, many features to find and explore.

fresh_user 9 years ago

My favourite music player at this moment. Love the functionality and integrated tunein radio stations. Jamendo and Magnatune can leave quite a big cache files (700mb) if you choose all the genres

sudhi_nair735 9 years ago

best in the business

mlsmith 9 years ago

Incredibly lightweight but powerful...excellent software!

hosen12 9 years ago

Best player on linux!

BorisXp 9 years ago

Best Player on Linux ever, tried all other players but Guayadeque is the best,, i was so glad when i found this awesome app

Inhabitans 9 years ago

Excellent, versatile music player for large collections...

Armatten 9 years ago

Понравился только этот.

mezuss 10 years ago

With some more work on it - might be a good equivalent for those like me who miss foobar

piekasso 10 years ago

Finally found a match for windows foobar2000, has filesystem browser, library database, radio, many audioformats and is lightweight!

phramusca 10 years ago

Le meilleur

nika_wska 10 years ago

My fav music player on linux ;) Playlist, radio, library. Nice interface, clean & easy