simple LaTeX editor with live preview
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Gummi is a LaTeX editor based on GTK3. The basic features are: - Live preview pane for the compiled document, - BibTeX integration, - Helpers for tables and matrices, - Exporting to PDF, - Error checking, - Syntax highlighting, - Spellchecking, - Document statistics, - Persistent configuration.
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MagicMint 8 years ago

The idea itself is good, however the implementation is too simplistic. Thus many documents that are handled without an error by TeXstudio must be “corrected” here manually before they can be displayed – which greatly diminishes Gummi’s suitability for beginners. For that purpose, LyX is much more appropriate.

thibo 10 years ago

really good, especially for beginners

hobboy 10 years ago

Excellent application for beginners to latex, I've found it very helpful to be able to see the live update, especially which experimenting with what macros do

johanA 11 years ago

Second that. Really efficient and no clutter. Love it!

carlosjimy 12 years ago

Va bien, es útil para algunos trabajos de edición, sobre todo con su vista en tiempo real del documento en PDF

sinapsis 13 years ago

My favorite LaTex editor: it's simple and has a real time viewer.