Versatile dvd ripper and video transcoder - gtk gui
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Handbrake is a versatile, easy-to-use tool for converting dvds and other videos into h.264, xvid, or ogg formatted media. it's particularly useful for making videos that are compatible with portable video devices such as the apple ipod/iphone or sony psp. this package contains the graphical variant, ghb.
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Fargotroniac 3 years ago

Skvělá a dostačující aplikace pro práci s video soubory a jejich převody.

zoulou4556 4 years ago

Too bad we have to go through a ppa or something like mac os flatpak to get an updated version, then I understand that the developers I thank in passing are probably overwhelmed by the work. This is an opinion not a criticism and to complete this opinion Handbrake is a very good video software.

rykos 5 years ago

best DVD ripper, i can make my too big video smaller if needed

etki 6 years ago

does not support webm container but mkv with vpx and vorbis work very well

Nrom 6 years ago

Easy to use and configure. Crashed a couple of times but not during encoding. I've used several different encoders, handbrake is worth using.

LinuxMinz 7 years ago

First DVD (-> mkv) worked, after that it always crashes. 17.3

themanjay 7 years ago

version in repos is broken. specifically dvd>mkv with subs. suggest build from src.

Quexos 8 years ago

Excellent transcoder.

ocarnicer 8 years ago

Este programa (-GTK) no funciona con Linux Mint. Arranca y parece que funciona, pero no trabaja bien. te vuelve loco. mejor instálate la siguiente opción (la que no pone -GTK) que funciona muy bien y a la primera. Si aún así no os funciona bien, instaladlo a través de la terminal de la siguiente manera (4 líneas): $sudo apt-get purge handbrake # remove any old versions $sudo add-apt-repository ppa:stebbins/handbrake-git-snapshots $sudo apt-get update$sudo apt-get install handbrake-gtk

dickheijkoop 8 years ago


simpller 8 years ago

Best dvd ripper!

Hammer459 8 years ago

Highly configurable DVD ripper.

2620230720 9 years ago

perfect after having installed all codec PAL areas etc.

ilAli 9 years ago

just good

wraithwhispers 9 years ago

Absolutely great for creating good quality mp4 or mkv backups of your DVD's and BD's. Also allows playback on multiple devices by transcoding.

topper 9 years ago

Un programa imprescindible.

danydube 9 years ago

The best program for dvd ripper ! That working perfect !

Frugivore 9 years ago

Fantastic. Simple to use but with advanced options too. Work seamlessly even when engaging the CPU to 100% (you can still due other work). With the few DVDs I've tried, it by-pass the encryption without without a glitch. Good interface. A must in the Linux world!

duduwaki 10 years ago

Muito bom....recomendo.

lambda2236 10 years ago

Je cherchais un logiciel pour l'encodage de vidéos pour mon téléphone Android : fonctionne à merveille !