Graphical shoutcast/icecast client
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Internet DJ Console is an Internet radio application for making a live radio show or podcast. Features include two main media players with a crossfader, a jingle player, microphone signal processing (compressor and noise gate), IRC track announcements with X-Chat, an automatic stream shut-off timer, MP3 or Ogg streaming and recording at various bit rates, aux input for connecting external JACK aware applications, and audio level meters.
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gepko 7 years ago

werkt onder petra prima alleen als je em in het klein zet is hij spoorloos verdwenen,verder prima software gr gepko

St_Clinton 7 years ago

I couldn't get this to stream, but it works great for creating my prerecorded podcast

Ironclad 8 years ago

Hm... I can't seem to get it to work, but the concept seems nice...

johynpapin 8 years ago

Indispensable! =D

Spacey 10 years ago

Easy to use and set up with exactly the right controls you need to broadcast live internet radio! A pleasure to use.