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DVD slide show maker
25 reviews

Imagination is a lightweight and user-friendly DVD slide show maker with a clean interface and few dependencies. It only requires the ffmpeg encoder to produce a movie to be burned with another application.

It currently features over 50 transition effects. Exporting of the slideshow in FLV format is supported as well.

User reviews:

5 months ago
5 Excelente editor de video, incluso para videos muy grandes. Pero, debes saber muy bien como usarlo: dominar los desfases del video para usar las transiciones y el movimiento de cada imagen. Puedes preparar tus audios y música de fondo en un solo archivo para evitar incompatibilidades entre diferentes audios anexados, con espacio inicial y final extras para que no disminuya la voz. En Linux Mint 17.2 Sonya, instalar: livav-tools para la exportación, libsox-fmt-mp3 para poder anexar el audio con música. Con éstas librerías agregadas, utilizando el gestor de paquetes, todo funciona muy bien. Excellent video editor, even for very large videos. But, you must know very well how to use it: master the lags of the video to use the transitions and the movement of each image. You can prepare your audios and background music in a single file to avoid incompatibilities between different audios attached, with extra initial and final space so that your voice does not diminish. In Linux Mint, install: libavc1394-tools and ffmpeg for export, libsox-fmt-mp3 to be able to append the audio with music. With these libraries added, using the package manager, everything works very well.

3 years ago
5 Quick and simple to use. To get the export option to work in Mint 17.2 I had to install libav-tools, also installed libavcodec-extra, from the repository. If you need ffmpeg, it is available in many flavors, and installation choices, at

3 years ago
5 Works fine in mint 17.2. "sudo apt-get install libav-tools" will fix export error with missing avconv. Also, may need libsox installed to import your audio file format (just use find :)). Exported slideshow with audio successfully. Good program, simple, gets job done and no bloat :).

4 years ago
1 In Mint 17 it does not work since it depends on the ffmpeg package which is not in de (Ubuntu 14.04LTS) repositories anymore.

5 years ago
1 It might be great if only I could install it. Right now even update manager won't work. Do I really have to buy win8 :-((

5 years ago
5 Все что надо в одном флаконе и все настраивается

5 years ago
4 thank's, simple aplikation

6 years ago
5 Its great free software

6 years ago
5 simple and so nice it can be better

7 years ago
5 Great piece of software..very powerful and simple to use.

7 years ago
5 Simple and easy tool for slideshows, just what I needed.

7 years ago
4 works very well

7 years ago
4 4*

7 years ago
4 Have used it once or twice. Has produced great results. A little slow though.

8 years ago
5 Merveilleux

8 years ago
3 Poor picture quality not enough pixels per picture, Open shot does a much better job!

8 years ago
4 I liked it......

8 years ago
4 Muito bom.

8 years ago
5 sehr einfach zu bedienendes programm zum erstellen von slideshows - macht richtig spass

8 years ago
3 do you have to burn it on a disc ILL SEE

8 years ago
5 Einfaches und umfangreiches Programm, um eine Foto-Slideshow auf CD/DVD zu bannen.

8 years ago
4 Awesome slideshow maker.

8 years ago
4 El mas fácil, el mejor

8 years ago
5 Fantastic slideshow maker.

9 years ago
5 love it!