Lossless conversion of raster images to PDF
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This program will take a list of raster images and produce a PDF file with the images embedded in it. JPEG and JPEG2000 images will be included without recompression. Raster images in other formats will be included with zip/flate encoding which usually leads to an increase in the resulting size because formats like png compress better than PDF which just zip/flate compresses the RGB data. As a result, this tool is able to losslessly wrap images into a PDF container with a quality to filesize ratio that is typically better (in case of JPEG and JPEG2000 images) or equal (in case of other formats) than that of existing tools.

This package contains the executable.
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nowakowski 10 months ago

At first I thought it would take too long to create a PDF from, let's say, 14 JPGs without a GUI. However, it takes surprisingly little time. I set Nemo and terminal next to each other, type "img2pdf" and then drag all the pictures, one by one, to the terminal. At the end I add "-o something.pdf", hit enter and in a moment PDF is created. Of course it would be nice to have a simple tool with GUI, but still img2pdf is very nice.

al7aker 2 years ago

nice tools thank you