A hackable text editor for the 21st Century
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Atom is a text editor that's modern, approachable, yet hackable to the core—a tool you can customize to do anything but also use productively without ever touching a config file.
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penguinnperil 4 months ago

Atom is slick. I give 4 stars instead of 5 because, since it gets installed using flatpak, I had to do extra reading to set the PATH variable the flatpak way to get some rust plugins to work.

Neojade13 1 year ago

To the previous posters talking about the filesizes. The sort of "gzipped" format the .deb format should look at the hardware I/O and CPU levels when using it. This format gives you basically all the files and they run as a normal program does. The other format, the .deb, requires well over 300% more resources. I'm calling it a "gzipped" format but you get the idea heh. I'm a webdev don't really know enough about the backend yet. But you can run them both and see for yourselves, well over 300% more usage vs. this flatpak design.

linuxmintforum 1 year ago

I struggled to get this to work with unity3d. In the end i used open by extension and then choose atom / sublime

Poetician 1 year ago

I'd give it a 4+ if not for the ludicrously fat flatpak.

dawg 2 years ago

I was going to give this a try but then realised that it is a flatpack and the SIZE of it no.... grabbing a .deb from the programs page was better for me.

clain 2 years ago

My review is not about the text editor, but 1.2GB for a text editor is too much, Flatpack you should do your homework right...!! Hello users, please go for a non flatpack version of atom its very light [60 mb ~]

TyrannosaurHex 2 years ago

Was using Atom on Mac before I switched to Sublime when I realised the size of the application was ~550MB. It is even more outrageous on Linux. 3.6 Gigs of disk space for a text + code editor. That is just inexcusible. The whole LibreOffice suit is a fraction of that size. Heck even MSOffice with 4 main apps(Word, Excel, Outlook and Powerpoint) are equal to this Text Editor alone. Not cool.

Gorilla 2 years ago

não consegui de forma alguma fazer o atom compilar o código c++, ao compilar o atom informa que nao encontra o terminal, mesmo após instalando o xterm e configurando no atom, o atom nao encontra o path

janis 2 years ago

6.1 GB disk space used for a text editor (Flatpak version)? Come on!

Loota 2 years ago

Good application, bad implementation.. Flatpack 1.34.0 has issues seeing certain directories, installed from version on website

sjgoldborough 2 years ago

I preferred downloading the .deb file from the website and runningt gdebi

BillDietrich 3 years ago

Flatpak version is painful. No way to open only HTML files in a folder ? Can't get ability to open files from CLI. Everyone who tries to help me is using a non-flatpak version, so their advice doesn't work. No install-shell-commands menu item any more ? I'm stuck.

munter 3 years ago

Not a fan of this repo version at all. Atom cannot find 'tidy' via $PATH or by entered absolute path. Best course of action is to add Atoms GPG key '' and add official repo from 'deb [arch=amd64] any main'. With the official repo everything just works as it should, this has been a problem since I tried the Mint repo version of Atom, many months later the problem still exists.

danisanchez82 3 years ago

Después de unos 5 años usando sublime, he comenzado a usar ATOM como alternativa libre y me ha convencido. Muy completo, super personalizable, extensiones y auto-completadores de código para todos los lenguajes. Totalmente recomendable.

esmejia277 3 years ago

Es un excelente editor, puedes colocar temas, instalar paquetes, puedes usar teletype para programar con tus compañeros, sencillamente. Excelente

novell 3 years ago

Не устанавливается выдает ошибку на зависимостях, скачал с сайта и установил без проблем!

wannabelinuxuser 3 years ago

better than any editor i have used till date.

arxzel 3 years ago

Excelente software, se demora instalando como 30 minutos (Aunque no lo pareciera) pero vale la pena.

alisultan 3 years ago


mintyfreak 3 years ago

Infinitely superior to Sublime; though a bit more heavyweight. You can press `ctrl + ,` in-application to bring up the settings menu, and from there you can install dozens of color themes and hundreds of plugins. With plugins, the functionality of Atom surpasses basically (in my humble opinion) every other IDE.