GTK+ frontend for mpv
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Celluloid is a simple media player that can play virtually all video and audio formats. It supports playlists and MPRIS2 media player controls. The design of Celluloid follows the GNOME Human Interface Guidelines, but can also be adapted for other systems that don't use client-side decorations (CSD). It is based on the mpv library and GTK.
Drag and drop playlistLoading external mpv configuration filesMPRIS2 D-Bus interface
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Vrizkag 6 months ago

Ever since 19.3, i've used the Celluloid that comes with it by default, and i'm a fan. It has played countless albums of lossless music and occasionally MP3's as well without a hitch. I've also used it as an aide for making .m3u playlist. No complaints here.

Tinken 9 months ago

Music playback is audiophile quality. Offloads processing from cpu to hardware well. Very low noise and no errors, hiccups or bugs. One of the best playback programs for Linux.

pcfan5 9 months ago

Doesn't work for mp3 files, It hangs up. Several error windows, removing.