A music production application
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LMMS is a music production application. It allows the creation of loops, synthesizing and mixing sounds, arranging samples having fun with your MIDI-keyboard and much more... It combines the features of a tracker-/sequencer-program and those of powerful synthesizers, samplers, effects etc. in a modern, user-friendly and easy to use graphical user-interface.

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toomyg155 9 months ago

This is one of those programs you sit back and look at and say WOW... Little hard to figure out at first but with time its an awesome sound program! :)

Professor_Pootis 1 year ago

DAWs are so expensive! Wonderful to have such a good one being FOSS.

neptronix 1 year ago

Flatpak version is more recent, as usual. Seems heavily inspired by FL Studio. Easy to set up, get going, and get productive. I really look forward to future versions of it!

Haggen88 2 years ago

Excellent app for music production. It is an alternative to programs like FL Studio or Cubase on Linux.

dabidu5 3 years ago

Nice app to learn music production !