Advanced jukebox and music organizer
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Jajuk is software that organizes and plays music. Jajuk is designed to be intuitive, fast and provide multiple ways to perform the same operation. It is a fully-featured application geared towards advanced users with very large or scattered music collections.
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pcfan5 1 year ago

Couldn't make it run in Linuxmint 19.3 Java Runtime Enviroment 1.7 required. Went to their web site dowloaded version 11. Wasn't able to install, to advanced for me. deb packages aren't provided anymore. Just a compressed file which content I coudn't run in terminal. To advanced for regular user I think.

Mysticus 5 years ago

Best music player / organizer i ever seen !! great libary and syncronization between folders. i love it :-))

Klopfer98 8 years ago

Woderfull and powerfull player and organizer for music!

chelovekonline 10 years ago

Превосходный органайзер и проигрыватель музыки. Куча фишек и приятнейший интерфейс. Использует в качестве движка mplayer

Da_Londo 10 years ago

Very good player with great library support!!!!!