Tool for the development & use of multimedia educational activities
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JClic is formed by a set of computer applications that are used for carrying out different types of educational activities: puzzles, associations, text exercises, crosswords...

The activities are not usually used alone, but packed in projects. A project is formed by a set of activities and one or more sequences, which indicate the order in which they have to be shown.

Its community (http://clic.xtec.net/db/listact_en.jsp) has developed a web site with more than 1.000 activities available in several languages.

This package contains JClic-author to create and modify activity projects, JClic standalone player to play the activities and JClic-reports that allows the management of a database to track students work and results.
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smauleon 9 years ago

Very useful for teachers who want to prepare their own activities. They can be run with the JClic player or integrated in a moodle course. Lots of activities to download, which you may want to translate or edit (which is the best way to learn it)

jesusrc 10 years ago

Un aplicación bastante útil para quienes se dedican a la enseñanza ya que permite hacer y compartir nuestras propias actividades.