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As one of the most feature rich editors available, jEdit boasts support for syntax highlighting in more than 140 languages. jEdit combines the power of Emacs, the user-friendliness of Kate, and the advanced editing features (such as vertical paste) of Ultraedit, to bring you an open-source plugin-based programmer's editor of professional quality.

It is possible to define complex macros in BeanShell or Jython, or other languages that fit into the BSF. jEdit offers a powerful and user-friendly keyboard mapping system (including 2-keystroke shortcuts), making it possible to give jEdit a very Emacs-like feel, if you so desire.

Its functionality is easily extended by the use of 'plugins' which can be downloaded, updated, and installed, all without exiting the editor. These include a built-in Console shell integration, which lets you execute interactive external commands inside your editor, as well as bind them to keyboard shortcuts. The FTP plugin lets you browse and edit files on remote systems over FTP or SFTP. Other plugins provide shells, object oriented structure/code browsers, or completion popups for Java, XML, HTML, Ant, LaTeX, Python, Ruby, Perl, C, C++, bash, Scheme, Prolog, and many other languages.
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goebbe 4 years ago

This is a very flexible and powerful text editor. Cross platform, extendible, many plugins, easy macros. Suports virtually any language i use, including R and Stata.

andrey81 6 years ago

Цей редактор мені дуже сподобався і тому можу рекомендувати для всіх, хто цікавиться мовами програмування. Я також виконав його преклад українською. Якщо зацікавило, то напишіть мені ласта на пошту: gnulu(а) з позначкою "jEdit українською". З повагою, Андрій Овчаров.

kulvikram 7 years ago

macro support is very useful

abuecher 7 years ago

Great balance of basic text editor and plugins for extra features. I love the ssh plugin (greate for remote c++ dev, among other things).

uebermann 8 years ago

Great tool. Disabled autosave (0 seconds) due to auto scrolling to the left when document autosaved

kiama 8 years ago


ANTFEMg2 9 years ago

Powerful and easy to use. Can be a bit slow to load.

Narann 9 years ago

Love it! A good compromise between a big IDE and a text editor. There is so much plugins you can do anything you want.

parallax68 9 years ago

macro support !

gloriousigor 10 years ago

At last, a Linux text editor with very good macro support!

ali20 10 years ago

NICE >>***

bindesh 10 years ago

bahut acha

tkteun 10 years ago

Great editor with proper support for remote files and an abundance of plugins

sbrbot 11 years ago

Excellent programmer's and web developer's editor supporing macros.

watkiss 11 years ago

A great programmers editor - split page editing and works on multiple platforms

L0r3nz0 11 years ago


hessam 11 years ago

5* Amazing Text And Code Editor

Soffus 12 years ago

Simple, directo... Genial!

HeinrichHirsch 12 years ago


sonic4spuds 12 years ago

This is an awsome little app. It gives a wonderful selection of adons. Not only this it hives automatic highlighting of most types of common code.