visual editor to view and edit files in hexadecimal
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Jeex is a simple hexadecimal editor which allows user to create, open and edit files in hexadecimal, binary, octal and ASCII. The features include insert, delete, copy-and-paste, search and many others.

It also shows several information about the opened file, like file mode bits, ownership, last access and modification timestamps.
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Lenon 9 years ago

Not that i think

dagon 13 years ago

This is a clean, non-buggy hex editor. In my opinion it has a couple of big drawbacks. 1: I expect to find a row to the left indicating where in the file I am... not implemented. 2: Even though you can examine the output in different formats such as ascii... for some reason it isn't presented with the hexcode but opens up in a separate window. I usually wan't the two to be correlated.