Graphical app. to modify the contents of your Palm Pilot's DBs
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J-Pilot is a desktop organizer application for PalmOS devices. It is meant to be an alternative to the Palm Desktop provided by Palm.

You have access to the following applications:
o Datebook
o Address book
o ToDo list
o Memos
Plug-ins are available in the jpilot-plugins package.
Latest reviews
galen 10 years ago

stable and mature. lacks photo / video sync

profjws 10 years ago

Does not hold a candle to the Palm Desktop software which runs and syncs fine with my Z22 Handheld under VirtualBox.

pilot824 12 years ago

Doesnt seem to work with the Palm M130. I know its an older model, but still doesnt work.

RayWoods 13 years ago

If you have a Palm PDA get this for Linux systems