Sophisticated CD/DVD burning application
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K3b is a full-featured CD/DVD/Blu-ray burning and ripping application. It supports a variety of project types as well as copying of optical media, burning of different types of images, and ripping Audio CDs, Video CDs, and Video DVDs. Its convenient user interface is targeted at all audiences, trying to be as simple as possible for novice users, while also providing all features an advanced user might need.
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Miki 6 months ago

When you come from Windows with using Nero and Audiograbber and now on Linux you are searching for a program doing this jobs, K3b is a good decision.

zack 1 year ago

There is a version: 22.12 (December 2022) and I have an old version 21.12.3 (2018) could you update it, or is it impossible?

chris38 1 year ago

there's not the option to get ISO file from CD/DVD and not the option to verify the CD/DVD from the ISO once the CD/DVD burned :(

caltrop4 1 year ago

about the only burner that works with Linux Mint 20.1 but... startup says the LC_* variables a not right & the web site says no update sinde 2020

lapolingo 2 years ago

ein Muss auf jedem Linux Rechner, sehr umfangreiche Ausstattung an Funktionen

AlexandruD 2 years ago

Very good!

Bozo2kPL 2 years ago

I like this program, since ive start occasional using a various Linux distributions (Mandriva, Ubuntu)

dima 2 years ago

Не пишет CD диски. Пишет: OPC failed. Перелопатил кучу форумов и не помогло. В итоге те диски пишутся Brasero.

Badmedic 3 years ago

fast (1/5th the time of brasero) and very accurate.l In 2 separate simultaneous dvd sessions is superb

crazyaxe 3 years ago

The best burning application on Linux, it has tons of option!

IP2I 3 years ago

-Outdated and only rips CD's

seb23 3 years ago

Only rips cd. Can't convert to mp3 from files

oscar225 3 years ago

no good to rip CD/DVD. Hang sistem because lot of errors during copy medium.

TF23 4 years ago

Very good, I've had no problems.

phil995511 4 years ago

Top software for RIP CD, burning disk, etc

Unknowned 4 years ago

awesome !

elpidius 4 years ago

I tried burning an ISO to a DVD, and burning stopped at 99% with an error saying: "Fatal error during recording: Invalid argument" I was using the dvd+rw-tools 'growisofs' in Mint 19.1 "Tessa" MATE (64-bit). After giving up with finding a solution, I decided to see when the k3b page (k3b.org) was last updated. It was last modified on 6 January 2012. That's definitely outdated! If you're also having problems with k3b, try Brasero instead. It's more up-to-date, and I managed to successfully burn an ISO to a DVD.

Mastik 5 years ago

First time I tried this it crashed adding simple MP3 files but I fixed this by installing the codecs: sudo apt-get install libk3b6-extracodecs

Caltrop 5 years ago

KDE dependent & outdated

bucky927 5 years ago

It's complicated and I always get errors.