complete KDE Software Compilation for end users
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KDE is the powerful, integrated, and easy-to-use Free Software desktop platform and suite of applications.

This metapackage includes all the official modules released with KDE Sotware Compilation that are not specific to development and as well other KDE applications that are useful for a desktop user. This includes multimedia, networking, graphics, education, games, system administration tools, and other artwork and utilities.
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mattc 5 years ago

Actually worse than Windows 7, buggy, crippled and sad. KDE used to rock, now it appears to be a last ditch attempt to emulate something flawed. Will not un-install when used with other Desktop Environment. Must resort to Synaptic to remove dozens of orphaned KDE apps and libraries. So disappointing, it has become an unwieldy juggernaut!

dingofx 8 years ago

KDE desktop of the year 2015 :-)

Maggo 8 years ago

Removing this is a pain!! So bloated with programs.

sduccio 8 years ago

necessario per vedere le icone in kdenlive

algy 9 years ago

Couldn't get it to work over Cinnamon - left loads of packages when uninstalled.

lib2know 9 years ago

Best choice for all who really work on the native Software like KDEnlive, KDEvelop, Calibre Office, kmail, Kompozer and so on ... Everything well integrated but a little different, better try it on your faster machine ;-) if you like conservative looks leave it, if you need special looks love it!

ericvictor66 9 years ago

without it ? Impossible

jahid_0903014 9 years ago

This is one of the best, but unfortunately it fails to intall over cinnamon

ssurell 10 years ago

get error trying to login, reverts to cinnamon on Mint 16 64bit

jamied_uk 10 years ago

bug reporting windows constintly comes up and dont know why or how to auto submit or disable reporting coming up this is sooo anoying!

vikimaus 11 years ago

4me ist best

shishirvarde 11 years ago

how to install it

magnaorum 12 years ago


vonvalley 12 years ago

top Desktop Environment out there imho. And it's free! Unbelievable speed and performance despite its amazing look. And it's more customizable than Gnome too. Love it.

Knusperkeks 12 years ago

If you want a highly configurable Desktop enviroment then KDE is for you. with version 4.8 its very stable and lsot all of its bugs (earlier 4.0 till 4.6)

veritas 12 years ago

Best distro for wonderful KDE is CHAKRA-Linux.org

krause 12 years ago

Não combina com o Mint

leighbracking 12 years ago

can't live with out it i mean

mintlinux 12 years ago

It's not really the best. When I set my desktop enviornment to KDE, I con't find any traces of linux mint, and, it adds too much junk to your computer that bloats it up.

Elisa 12 years ago

Cool! ;)