File search utility
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KFind can be used to find files and directories on your system.
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derekmax 1 year ago

It seems to be quite speedy, but I found it had a few quirks. I can launch it from usr/bin but exactly how do I add it to my start menu?

DonB 1 year ago

Under LM Cinnamon if you want a launch icon and for this to be placed in the Launch Menu you will need to do that all on your own. As indicated in prior reviews this only places the executable in /usr/bin.

PascalSarre 2 years ago

super bien , possible de recherche avec plusieurs extension de noms de fichier ( *.xls;*.doc;*.pdf .....), avec possibilité de copier ,supprimer .... , et relativement rapide

hamidxyzw 6 years ago

You can find it here : /usr/bin/kfind This is an excellent

WhitePhoenix 7 years ago

It’s installed. Where is it? Not listed anywhere. Useless if you cannot access it.