KDE Integrated LaTeX Environment
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Kile is a user-friendly LaTeX source editor and TeX shell for KDE.

The source editor is a multi-document editor designed for .tex and .bib files. Menus, wizards and auto-completion are provided to assist with tag insertion and code generation. A structural view of the document assists with navigation within source files.

The TeX shell integrates the various tools required for TeX processing. It assists with LaTeX compilation, DVI and postscript document viewing, generation of bibliographies and indices and other common tasks.

Kile can support large projects consisting of several smaller files.
Latest reviews
DreamAndDead 7 years ago

The best tex latex ide i've ever seen

ryanvgates 8 years ago

Great lightweight and flexible latex editor.

nickolaspf 8 years ago

Best LaTex Editor in any platform! Easy to use and full of features! Love it!

aeksiri 8 years ago

It was help me to get master degree of eng.

pfreris 9 years ago

maybe the best at the time LaTeX editor

recursix 9 years ago

Nice editor for latex. Could be better.

ramsesx 9 years ago

en iyi latex editörü

emtiu 10 years ago

Wonderful integration of LaTeX.

felihommen 10 years ago

Extraordinario editor de LaTeX lleno de detalles útiles. Me gusta especialemente el autocompletado de palabras. Recuerda instalar kile-l10n para tenerlo en español..

pcardoso 10 years ago

One of the bests!

rmcrowley2000 11 years ago

For those that know how to code in LaTeX, this is the best LaTeX editor I've come across. Easy to use, powerful, and nicely customizable.

IgnatiusReilly 11 years ago

The best LaTeX editor

MajorGrubert 11 years ago

Fonctionne assez bien et très pratique malgré le côté usine à gaz

InverseHypercube 12 years ago

Excellent feature-filled LaTeX editor. It has quick PDF export, but is not WYSIWYG, meaning you learn LaTeX syntax. It also saves in standard .tex files unlike LyX, which is a big plus.

dbpatankar 12 years ago

So far, after trying many (La)tex editors, nothing can beat kile when it comes to user interface. Includes many features and command completion along with newly added word completion is awesome when you sit for writing thesis. Only Texmaker comes closer to it.