Chiptune tracker
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This is an application for creating music reminiscent of the style of music from 8-bit computers or, chiptunes. It features a "tracker" style sequencer, and a built-in synthesizer capable of a wide range sounds - including but not limited to basic subtractive synthesis, frequency modulation and sample playback. Sounds can be easily beefed up by using the effect chain. It is possbile to import a handful of file formats, including Protracker .MOD, Fasttracker 2 .XM, the Cave Story music format (.ORG) and Rob Hubbard Commodore 64 SID files. Tunes can be easily exported as a single mixdown .WAV or separate tracks or you can simply use the playback library to use the klystrack files in your own games and other software.
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ppazos1 11 months ago

Wanted to try some tracker apps on Linux, used some of these programs 20 years ago on DOS. This one is really difficult to use, seems to be an app running in an emulator or something, doesn't seem like a native app. The interface is clearly focused on the keyboard but you can click on things with the mouse, which is confusing. Also there are no samples or instruments by default, basically you need to have all the assets before doing anything useful or just for fun with this app. Not good IMO.