Kolourpaint - transitional dummy package
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KolourPaint is a simple drawing and image editing application for KDE. It aims to be easy to use, providing a level of functionality targeted towards the average user. It is ideal for common tasks such as drawing simple graphics and touching-up photos.

This package is a dummy package to make the upgrade to 'kolourpaint' easier for package managers, it can be safely removed after upgrading.
Latest reviews
Angelc 4 weeks ago

Per modificare e ridimensionare velocemente e con qualità un immagine e ottimo.

katsumi 3 months ago

Gets the job done.

treehuggingnerd 1 year ago

Indeed the closest program to mspaint - and even better! Perfect for my basic image editing needs.

bucky927 1 year ago

The closest program to mspaint. kolourpaint is the best image editor!

WillieNAz 2 years ago

Finally a MS Paint type program that helps me do simple projects with ease!

nkl90 2 years ago

Очень хороший paint. Использую дома в оболочке Mate. Вот сейчас устанавливаю на работе в XFCE на Linux Mint. Спасибо разработчикам. Отличная замена стандартному windows paint

rogerlibre 3 years ago

O mais simples e leve dos editores para tarefas simples.

m4l490n 3 years ago

This is a great app. Is the most similar to MS paint. Really easy to use and intuitive. I know there is more powerful apps out there as gimp but this is meant to be really easy to use

nissimnanach 3 years ago

left toolbar panel stopped working, despite purge and reinstall. try Pinta, similar but better

onemers 3 years ago

O melhor que já testei no Mint. Com certeza o único capaz de substituir o Paint do Windows.

LinuxFan5 4 years ago

Very nice, simple and useful!

commanderzero13 4 years ago

Very nice and simple for image editing/making. Highly recommended for that sort of thing, works great for editing images once you know what you're doing.

ams001 4 years ago

Toolbar broken and partial menus (broken entries display "No Text")

richardelima 4 years ago

Left toolbar not working.

nokiahelp 4 years ago

kolourpaint is finally working!! I have the Cinnamon edition, and I have installed kdelibs-bin kdelibs5-data kdelibs5-plugins and the program is running normaly. Enjoy this help from linuxmint.com ;-)

c123 4 years ago

equal to the paintbrush in windows. :)

haluk 4 years ago

great... i have just installed kolourpaint on mint 17.1 kde and it works perfect,

ndaidong 5 years ago

Great app! I use it every day. Update: It does not work on LinuxMint 17.1, sorry! Just switched to Pinta as Kobalt suggested.

DocZen 5 years ago

Tres pratique. Malheureusement, après l'installation sur LMDE, il n'y a pas de raccourci qui apparait sur le menu. J'ai été obligé de créer un lanceur.

maniac 5 years ago

To use on Mint 17.1, install oxygen-icon-theme-complete.