Tools for Power Savings based on battery/AC status
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Laptop mode is a Linux kernel feature that allows your laptop to save considerable power, by allowing the hard drive to spin down for longer periods of time. This package contains the userland scripts that are needed to enable laptop mode.

It includes support for automatically enabling laptop mode when the computer is working on batteries. It also supports various other power management features, such as starting and stopping daemons depending on power mode, automatically hibernating if battery levels are too low, and adjusting terminal blanking and X11 screen blanking

laptop-mode-tools uses the Linux kernel's Laptop Mode feature and thus is also used on Desktops and Servers to conserve power
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extercy 1 year ago

Can't remove comments ?!

gsaito 2 years ago

This utility is awesome! My brand new laptop battery was lasting 90 min only, fan constantly spinning to maximum rotation. Now lasting over 4 hours and running silent.

sezM 2 years ago

for "" File "/usr/share/laptop-mode-tools/", line 14, in from PyQt5.QtWidgets import (QWidget, QMessageBox, QVBoxLayout, QHBoxLayout, ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'PyQt5' "" problems, i have installed python3-pyqt5 from synaptic package manager. solved the problem for me. ( linux mint tricia cinnamon / dell e5520 )

Give_Trees_A_Chance 3 years ago

lmt-config-gui returns: "ImportError: No module named PySide.QtGui" i.e. the GUI does not work.

CyberManifest 4 years ago

It interfered with my mouse operating properly. On reboot my mouse would wait for processes to complete before being available for response. I would have to unplug and replug in the device just for it to funtion properly and would have to do this after every reboot. Removing this package resolved my issue.

lauramacfan 7 years ago

For those who wrote that "does nothing with Linux Mint 17" or that it doesn't works: IT WORKS PERFECTLY! I'm testing it right now. You must launch the application from terminal, writing the following command: sudo lmt-config-gui How do you get there? Click on "Menu", search for "Laptop Mode Tools Configurations Tool" then right click on it and choose "Add to desktop". From there, right click on the icon, then on "Properties" and in the "Command" line you'll see the real name of this software. Launch it from the terminal with the command I've previously wrote: the Laptop Mode Tools Configuration Tool panel will appear. All you have to do now is to choose which option suits your laptop the most, or to just accept the standard configuration. Either way, to allow the tool to work, you'll have to click on "Apply". If you have problems deciding, just linger with the mouse over each option and a small window will appear explaining you their functions. Before writing that a software is not working giving it 1 star, you have to make sure that you are doing things correctly, which means that you should know how to use Linux and its the terminal, that you read other useful reviews, asked other users for help, or that you did an online search about the program, which in many cases will bring you to the official developers website containing the instructions for their app (otherwise you can send them an email). This is my first review here, I hope it has been helpful.

AUserInEssex2 7 years ago

A program called TLP is better although TLP has some (fixable . .) USB glitches.

shivsahil 8 years ago

loves it

LouieCaruana 8 years ago

Working very well, I've managed to increase battery life about 20% so far. Maybe more with a little fine tuning. Needs ethtool package to handle shutting down my wired network.

darthkhamul 8 years ago

Do is job well

Dany3R9 8 years ago

it seems quite ok.. i need more time to appreciate the complete power saver consumption

aveemashfaq 9 years ago

i just installed and worked fine but my laptop would restart when i hit shutdown. so removed it.

pirategeorges 9 years ago

Works well reducing watts consomation. Configuration possible only through Terminal

LoonQ 12 years ago

Definitely saves power on my netbook. Though I dont know how the spindowns affect the liftime of the harddrive.