Vector drawing program for LaTeX using PSTricks
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LaTeXDraw is a free PSTricks code generator or PSTricks editor for LaTeX. It has the usual drawing tools (lines, rectangles, circles, Bezier curves) and can resize, rotate, move and join objects using vector transformations. LaTeXDraw uses SVG as its file format and figures can be exported as PSTricks code, pdf, eps, jpg, bmp, png, ppm.

PSTricks is an extension of LaTeX which allows the creation of drawings, diagrams and graphs in 2D or 3D.
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CandyArts 5 years ago

link is not woking above - use console - sudo apt-get install latexdraw

latux 7 years ago

it helps me so much with my thesis. thanks !

Lenon 7 years ago

how bad! i don't see where it was gone