Graphical model editor for config::model
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Config::model::itself module is a plugin for cme which provides a perl/tk graphical interface to edit configuration models that are be used by config::model.

config::model::itself also provides a model for config::model (hence the itself name, you can also think of it as a meta-model). the model editor will use this meta-model to construct the graphical interface so you can edit the configuration model for *your* application. [ config::model::itself is the "eat your own dog food" principle applied to config::model ;-) ]

let's step back a little to explain. any configuration data is, in essence, structured data. this data could be stored, for instance, in an xml file. a configuration model is a way to describe the structure and relation of all items of a configuration data set.

this configuration model is also expressed as structured data. this structure data is structured and follows a set of rules which are described for humans in config::model.

the structure and rules documented in config::model are also expressed in a model in the files provided with config::model::itself.

hence the possibity to verify, modify configuration data provided by config::model can also be applied on configuration models.

the model editor program launched with "cme meta edit"
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chanio 7 years ago

I am planning to generate XML DOM files once having the hash with the structure