Gnome virtual file system (extra modules)
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Gnome vfs is the gnome virtual file system. it is the foundation of the nautilus file manager. it provides a modular architecture and ships with several modules that implement support for local files, http, ftp and others. it provides an uri-based api, a backend supporting asynchronous file operations, a mime type manipulation library and other features.

this package contains extra vfs modules for the gnome virtual file system. it includes:
* the bzip2 module;
* the ftp module;
* the http module (which also includes support for webdav);
* the smb module, to browse windows shares.
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mintstar 8 years ago

Yes, allows gnome commander to work with main editions, but, not LMDE

nayanasri 9 years ago

Good one. This allows GNOME Commander to work with SMB (samba) shares.