Computer-aided design (CAD) system
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LibreCAD is an application for computer aided design (CAD) in two dimensions (2D). With LibreCAD you can create technical drawings such as plans for buildings, interiors, mechanical parts or schematics and diagrams.
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caltrop4 3 weeks ago

Meh... I need something 3D

Gubbenpetson 1 year ago

Like it, a bit tricky to learn but after lots of hours I was able to draw our new house. Unfortunately the layer list is too wide in this new version and it is not possible to shrink the columns. And still I cant figure out how to group objects. Nice that LibreCad is available both in Linux and Windows! <3

Busybody 1 year ago

Seems to be riddled with bugs, lacks rulers alongside scroll bars so you can see where you're about to place a point, placing a circle (centre,radius) keeps asking for centre for next circle - never asks for radius. Conclusion: utterly useless to me.

firmank 1 year ago

Alternatif terbaik untuk menggambar 2D, setara autocad, tapi ini gratis. Gunakan librecad lebih baik daripada anda harus menggunakan sofware autocad bajakan (=curian).

robsoncorcino 3 years ago

Havia utilizado antes e a interface não era muito produtiva, instalei novamente agora e fizeram um excelente trabalho com a interface. Parabéns aos envolvidos

Joe-Texte 4 years ago


kc6ufm 6 years ago

All I need is to view DXF files, and this works very well for that.

MasterBoy 6 years ago

Very happy with latest version 2.0.8

Juan-Guillermo 7 years ago

Me gusta.

michelsaey 7 years ago

Works well but could be better.

esijmjg 7 years ago

bom substituto para o antigo Qcad, um dos melhores gratuitos para Linux até agora...

osvifur 7 years ago

This version has the same good drawing features as before, some of them improved. Exporting high quality images for publications is still problematic - svg output was added, which is a good thing, but some basic output features (jpg, png, svg), in particular if in color, can crash your whole sesson (requering new login and crashing all your other programs). Be very careful with this.

shishirvarde 8 years ago

my fav. 2d CAD

Fledi 8 years ago

Mostly stable 2D CAD software, good if you don't need to create a 3D model of your design

volkman 9 years ago

nice 2d work

ford_ranger 10 years ago

A QCAD look-alike, but doesn't perform nearly as well.