multi-protocol instant messaging client (base files)
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Licq is an instant messaging client daemon that supports a number of interfaces via plug-ins, currently KDE or Qt, and several utility plug-ins.

Support for different instant messaging networks, such as ICQ, AIM, MSN and Jabber, is available as separate plug-ins.

Implemented features include messaging, chat, file transfer, whitepages, history, invisible list, server-side stored contacts, typing notification, phone book, user pictures, proxy support, user groups, network monitor window, themed docking skin and icon pack support, FIFO support for remote control, international support with Unicode and translations, per-user customized auto responses, SSL secure client to client connections and GPG encrypted messages.

At least one plug-in is required for Licq to function. The plug-ins are distributed in separate packages named "licq-plugin-*".
Latest reviews
ericvictor66 9 years ago

un peu vieillot, mais toujours efficace.

D_A_N_K_O 11 years ago

i like this programm

just-a-guest 11 years ago

Can not create account (hang up), and does error, when trying change status

resider 12 years ago

celkem bezproblémový klient

huntman 12 years ago

very good