This program is a simple tool for splitting and joining files
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LXSplit can split and join files without compression. It is fully compatible with the HJSplit utility.
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KIMW 4 years ago

Extremely fast and take much less ressources than hjsplit.

newn 7 years ago

faster then HJSplit

ukuphila 8 years ago

When you use new Linux, use the terminal bash command "split" is faster and the best! Lxsplit is not fast as the default already have terminal bash command "split", Linux version of Hjsplit is unable to use, some other split file programs require Java, I searched for many split file programs! Run "split -b 100m filetosplit" to split big filetosplit to many 100m x?? files, run "split --help" and search for split command help! Run "cat `ls x??` > filetomerge" to merge into filetomerge, run "cat --help"! No others is better than "split"!

gloriousigor 9 years ago

Excellent to merge (append) many files into one. No need for GUI, because it can be used from within File Manager by adding a custom action. In Linux Mint Xfce's Thunar, use syntax "lxsplit -j %f" for all types of files matching *.001.