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LyX is an almost WYSIWYG-frontend for LaTeX. It makes the power and typesetting quality of LaTeX available for people who are used to word processors. Since LyX supports LaTeX's concept of general mark-ups, it is even easier and faster to create professional quality documents with it than with usual word processors. It is also possible to use LaTeX commands within LyX, so nothing of LaTeX's power is lost.

You can extend the functionality of LyX by installing these packages: * chktex: check for typographical errors * gnuhtml2latex: import HTML documents * groff: improved table formatting in plain text exports * librsvg2-bin, inkscape: use the SVG image format in LyX documents * linuxdoc-tools: export SGML LinuxDoc documents * mythes-*: use the Thesaurus * noweb: import noweb files * rcs: integrated version control * sgmltools-lite: export SGML DocBook documents * texlive-xetex: use the XeTeX typesetting system * wv: import MS Word documents
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goebbe 8 months ago

This is a great tool to write structured documents. Latex is used in the background to render beautiful documents. It certainly helps to have at least some latex background. I used Lyx to write my Master and Ph.D.. Very good for large projects as books or reports.

Elettra 1 year ago

Very nice

DrChamomile 3 years ago

Best editor when it comes to math - especially when formulas get lengthy! Instead of LaTeX code you get to see proper mathematical symbols. I use it even as a notepad when calculating.

Parramatta 6 years ago

I use it daily. I have used it for letters of a few pages, and for books of hundreds of pages. Producing a 200 page press-ready PDF with hundreds of figures and tables is extremely simple. Producing a 20 page report takes me about half the time I would take using MS Word because the formating simply takes care of itself.

Blackadder 7 years ago

At first I was like: "meh." But then I read the introduction and tutorial, after I was like: "Holy shit awesome!"

shiriak 8 years ago

I like it but... it saves documents in ".lyx" format only. Therefore if you want to save a document in ".doc" format it will be impossible unless you know how to change it. But I personally don't want to get into it. I will better use another Word Processor.

ManuelMB 8 years ago

Good. I use it to paste data (edit: special paste: plain text) into tables and then copy the code (view: fount code panel) to Texstudio.

diegoCode 9 years ago


Erebus_Oneiros 9 years ago

No need to compile everytime that you need to see the ouput, this saves time.

nickolaspf 9 years ago

LaTeX-quality results in no time! Great for formula heavy documents!

eeftekhari 9 years ago

My favorite scientific writing tool.

jost667 10 years ago

Using it for my CV (moderncv template in texlive-latex-extra) and the occasional letter. The generated PDFs look far better than anything MS/Libre/OpenOffice could ever hope to create.

bahrampc 10 years ago


KefDS 10 years ago

Lo uso recientemente y es excelente

gtaero 10 years ago

just get libre

anonimo115 10 years ago

I specially use lyx for building tables for latex. Easy to use, only import to latex code and paste in your latex document..

marknquinn 10 years ago

This is my favorite way to write/edit large documents. It is the best front end for latex and the most powerful tool out there for the creation of books, thesis, papers etc. You get the best of both worlds in terms of control and usability.

gerard_bekking 11 years ago

use it for a long time still the best editor

Matt4179 11 years ago

I really like it alot. I just wish there was a better way to check grammar . It won't keep me from using it though.

Thorvald27600 11 years ago