extensible mail notification daemon
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Mailnag is a daemon program that checks POP3 and IMAP servers for new mail. On mail arrival it performs various actions provided by plugins. Mailnag comes with a set of desktop-independent default plugins for visual/sound notifications, script execution etc. and can be extended with additional plugins easily.
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Rebel450 5 months ago

Works fine on 20.3 Una Ci, even with Gmail and iCloud accounts. (For the complaints below: RTFM !!!)

FoxiMaxi 3 years ago

Doesn't work with GMail or Outlook. (It still doesn't work for me... Keeps saying, "Connection failed" -- on clicking "Folders (optional)" button.) I did what you wrote but still...

Knezev87 3 years ago only i know this for mail notification, you need to install mailnag sudo apt install mailnag. Work well

Thales87 4 years ago

To deserve maximum note, there was only a lack of available in the repository the notification packets for other graphical environments besides GNOME

marksule 5 years ago

Mukodik, aki egy olyan programot keresett, hogy az eppen erkezo levelerol szeretne ertesitest kapni, annak ajanlom. De aki nem ul tul sokat a pc-je elott, annak az okostelefon nagyobb segitseg lehet.

bfrost 5 years ago

Great, score 5

zboraon 5 years ago

It works, no problem.