Photo viewer and organizer with emphasis on IPTC fields
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Cross-platform (UNIX, Mac OS X, and Windows) picture manager and organizer, Mapivi is a stand alone tool, there is no need for a web server, online access or a database.

Deals with EXIF data (like timestamp, camera model, focal length, exposure time, aperture, etc.), and is able to rename the pictures according to their internal date/time, to display and modify JPEG comments and to do lossless rotation.

The idea of using Mapivi as an picture organizer is to keep user, EXIF, and IPTC information where it belongs -- in the pictures -- as well in a searchable Mapivi database.

Mapivi is also able to do image processing. Mapivi serves here as a frontend (GUI) for many proven command line tools, like the Image Magick tools.

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jahid_0903014 8 years ago


tomasfox 10 years ago

Supports several lossless JPEG operations, like rotation, cropping and framing of pictures

fotonix 10 years ago

One of the rare applications that work with IPTC, EXIF and JPeG Comments. Interface is Tk, so very dated and clunky.

Mindspring 12 years ago

no other program does IPTC batch captioning better!