On-screen keyboard
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Matchbox-keyboard is an on-screen 'virtual' or 'software' keyboard, designed for touch-screen devices running X.

Matchbox is a base environment for the X Window System running on non-desktop embedded platforms such as handhelds, set-top boxes, kiosks and anything else for which screen space, input mechanisms or system resources are limited.
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NicoCh 2 years ago

Very small! for LinuxMint Cinnamon i use Onboard from a new launcher on desktop.

Iljuase 6 years ago

Very small, not changed size, not support russian keyboard.

miib96 7 years ago

Simple et pratique juste bien

discodick 7 years ago

For my purposes on Linux Mint Cinnamon 13, mostly useless. Too small to read. Couldn't re-size it or move it. Wouldn't show up in panel. Had to kill it with system monitor. Poorly designed, in my opinion.