Fan control daemon for Apple Macbooks
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Mbpfan is a daemon that uses input from coretemp module and sets the fan speed using the applesmc module. This enhanced version assumes any number of processors and fans (max. 10).

* It only uses the temperatures from the processors as input.
* It requires coretemp and applesmc kernel modules to be loaded.
* It requires root use
* It daemonizes or stays in foreground
* Verbose mode for both syslog and stdout
* Users can configure it using the file /etc/mbpfan.conf
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sebadamus 1 year ago

I could install it from Mint App Manager, but its a little old version... if you want the new one, just go to it github and follow instructions to make it. Works OK, with no impact on CPU resourses (at least that I can notice), by default it controls only one MBP fan, read the .conf file there explains some more and you can add the second fan max/min speed.

gruebler262 2 years ago

Some days ago I started to install Linux Mint on my old iMac Early 2009. But I had a big problem with my fan control. For two days I tried to solve the problem, until I found the Fan Control Daemon. It fixed my problem within some minutes. Now my fan is much more silent and I can use my iMac further on.