Simple network service spawner
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Like inetd, this program listens on the net for requests and spawns a server to handle them. however, it only handles one port and one program. the intended use is when you have a server that expects to be run by inetd, but you only want to run it temporarily and don't want to bother with putting it into /etc/services and /etc/inetd.conf and restarting inetd. instead, just start up micro_inetd, and when you're done just ^c it. other limitations:

* full inetd lets you specify the socket type as one of stream, dgram, raw,
rdm, or seqpacket; micro_inetd only implements stream.
* full inetd lets you specify wait or nowait; micro_inetd only implements
* full inetd lets you specify a user-id to run the server as; micro_inetd
doesn't try to switch user-ids.
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inksi 8 years ago

It works. You must use the full path to your ftpd. It has to be fired up under sudo. It can be run in the background but then there are two processes to kill, check with ps. The second one will remain open and functioning. Best just to run it and squirrel the terminal away. The program is micro-inetd, NOT micro_inetd as in the minimalistic man page.