Fast, lightweight graphical web browser
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Midori is a lightweight web browser based on WebKit.

Its features include:

* Full integration with GTK+2.
* Fast rendering with WebKit.
* Tabs, windows and session management.
* Flexibly configurable Web Search.
* User scripts and user styles support.
* Straightforward bookmark management.
* Customizable and extensible interface.
* Support for extensions (written in C).
* Custom context menu actions.
Latest reviews
Mint-Account 1 year ago

Unfortunately i wasn't able to open some pages, got "oops" message.

caltrop4 2 years ago

custom HOME PAGE and the links DO NOT WORK!!! limited search engines

Fonzie 3 years ago

Quite some of the settings don't work ("open new window with a specific page", always opens new windows with the same tabs; "only remember 1 day of history", never removes any history; "use these ad-blocking lists", doesn't use any of those lists...). Also, this version (7.0-2.1) is 5 years old and completely discontinued, the "up to date" version is just a Chromium browser and thus not light-weight anymore at all. You could go with Palemoon for lowering power consumption / using less CPU and RAM.

murdock311 3 years ago

Doesn't even have a menu bar. This is in addition to the almost non-existant customability. This browser is almost un-useable. Shockingly, I would rate this worse than Chrome!

dsquared 6 years ago

I was looking for a browser that was a lightweight browser. While Midori is light . There are a couple of disadvantages: 1) THERE IS NO SUPPORT FOR IT ANYWHERE ON THE INTERNET. 2) it calls itself cutting edge but hasn't been updated since Aug 2015. Did not work well with alot of sites

alcoban 6 years ago

Eklentiler mevcut değil

MichaelB1953 6 years ago

Worked great for awhile, started crashing. Removed for now, LM18.2

THST 6 years ago

pc tower 11 years old, Asus motherboard, Intel Pentium Duo Core proccesor, Kingston 120 GB SSD (primary-system disk running mint 18.1 now but older versions in the past), ExcelStor Technology HDD 164 GB (old disk-secondary now just for storage of files and all data-mounted), 2 GB + 2 GB DDR2 type RAM chips. I think you got the picture of my system 32 bit. Now, i have to admit that this browser is far better than Firefox (which was my main browser) and even better than Chromium (which occationally have been my secondary browser). It is used by me for flash games online AND it has SWF Player Plug-in that really works fine (Firefox has many-many bugs at this point) AND it does NOT hack your data and behaviour and passwords (it is very-very irritating this issue with Chromium which has the same speed with midori, but i feel like installing a virus or big brother programme of Google). I also have to admit that midori has not the same potentials with Firefox extensions and therefore i use Midori only for games online for the time being, but it is really marvelous the fact that it really works fast and easy for the purpose i need it and it gets 5 STARS WITH A BIG PLUS FROM ME , BECAUSE IT IS HONEST WITH ME AND HAS GREAT QUALITY!! IT REALLY DOES WHAT IT PROMISES! NO BROKEN EXTENSIONS- NO TRACKING.. I use for other jobs my Firefox, but Midori gave back to me my personal PRIVACY AND FREEDOM from the slavery of Chromium. I don't know the creators of Midori, but THANK YOU GUYS. HONEST PEOPLE STILL EXCIST IN THE WORLD !

imperator 6 years ago


Quexos 6 years ago

In Mint 18.2 it just crashes and crashes, will not load web pages, errors. Just a total mess.

gadgetkudus 6 years ago

simple but fast (lumayanlah mas)

cmoi 7 years ago

Légé et sobre. Parfait pour un deuxième navigateur :)

llewellen 7 years ago

Nice fast app but WAY TOO MANY random crashes. Also often refuses to go back a page. Nice idea but not yet ready for prime time.

johnbklyny 7 years ago

doesn't play audio like youtube and other websites when connected on a bluetooth speaker

reddot 7 years ago

its ok, i cant seem to save settings, so it always goes back to default. i rarely use it, i prefer qupzilla

Jean178716 7 years ago

It is great! It is much more lightweight than firefox

zboraon 7 years ago

Light enough, but has some small bugs.

ticklemint 7 years ago

An update from my previous review. I really like the features of Midori. I also like the lightweight way that it handles pages. However, it crashes A LOT. There are certain pages that it will never load without crashing. If they can fix this, I will reinstall it.

Guillaume04 8 years ago

would not work

gunvolt 8 years ago

Great browser, integrates better than firefox into Cinnamon. Could replace firefox.