Unofficial way to easily install Minecraft.
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In Minecraft you break and place blocks to build imaginative things
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Th3Gr0ggySl0th 1 month ago

I think I know why it doesn't work for us linux mint users, this version is for Xenial, not Bionic.

Heldenhirn 2 months ago

Does not work at all

Shelly 5 months ago

To install minecraft go on minecraft.net and install the minecraft.deb version this sould work fine ;)

dirceu 6 months ago

The installation through software manager does not work anymore. You must try some alternatives by community.

HonorisCreed 6 months ago

The description of the game is outdated & it cannot be installed in the latest Mint versions.

Brn17 7 months ago

This launcher fails in Mint 19.1 and breaks Mint software installer !!! You have to install the official launcher Minecraft.deb

ephraimshofar 9 months ago

Usually doesn't work in 19.1; save yourself the trouble and download it direct from MAJONG's web site.

AlohaMint 10 months ago

Broken in mint 19 and for the current version of minecraft. Get the official client from Mojiang.com

hawksquawks 11 months ago

I have played minecraft since 2011 1.7.3 beta, this easy installer is outstanding, makes installing Minecraft so much easier then prior to this.

dnsbob 1 year ago

If you don't want to switch to oracle-java8, you can install the official launcher with: curl https://launcher.mojang.com/download/Minecraft.deb > Minecraft.deb; apt install ./Minecraft.deb

adamvnz 1 year ago

Still works with V1.13 but only works with oracle-java8. Any other java end with errors

Shadowstreik 1 year ago

As of today, this launcher is no longer valid as MC v1.13 has been released. It if a sizable update. Along with the game update, the Linux launcher was also updated, thusly rendering this launcher invalid. The stars aren't accurate since they have to be there. An updated version of the launcher should be developed.

oshaunregulated 1 year ago

Application fails to load - states error in loading. Does not function currently.

jorfor 1 year ago

Couldn't play, it asks for 24€ to buy the game.

noah123 1 year ago

A pretty easy way to launch minecraft and it beats finding and clicking on the launcher.jar file every time I want to play! It is an out of date version of the launcher though therefore it is not as easy to use as the windows launcher. I understand this is most likely because it is unofficial.

sudolinux 1 year ago

I like this. Let me easily get back into playing some minecraft :)

MazeRunner 1 year ago

It didn't install correctly. There appeared no "launch" button in the software manager and when I clicked on the laucher, in the menu, it just wouldn't start.

n00b 1 year ago

Muito Bom Ainda Melhor Por Causa Do Launcher Antigo

chechumaru 2 years ago

Hace lo que tiene que hacer. Genial! Does what have to do. Awesome!

26SkyWalker26 2 years ago

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